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Martial Arts of Tucson offers a diverse selection of programs including Aikido, Judo and Taekwondo. We encourage you to explore all of the martial disciplines listed below to gain an overview of each style. For more in-depth information about each art, navigate into the program that interests you by clicking the "more about..." tab in the program's description box below.

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Aikido — The Art of Peace

Using principles of energy (ki) to redirect an attack, the goal of the art is to become one with the attacker and by controlling one's will, one controls the attack and the ensuing action (throwing or pinning the opponent with joint locks) to a peaceful resolution of conflict.

taekwondo — Discipline. Training. Success.

Emphasizing kicks, Taekwondo uses the leg's greater reach and power to disable the opponent from a distance. Master Scott Meyer is Tucson's only level II Olympic Taekwondo coach.

Judo — The Gentle Way

Judo is a modern martial art and an Olympic sport rooted in ancient forms of Jujutsu combat arts of the Japanese Samurai warriors. It combines the best and most practical techniques into a single system used to unbalance and throw opponents with fast-moving techniques and to subdue them with pins, strangle-holds, joint-locks, some striking techniques.